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A Poem for Good Friday

In celebration of Good Friday, I offer the following poem that was inspired by Psalm 22:

Good Friday

He has done it;
Generations will proclaim it.
But who dared ask this of him?
scorned and despised,
made for all to mock,
poured out, parched, and naked,
pierced on a cross.

We did ask it.
All together must confess it.
Twas we dared urge it for him.
"Crucify Him!"
Slander and spit,
make of him a sport,
strip him, bruised and bloodied,
crowned on a cross.

Love had asked it.
All the ransomed shall acclaim it.
Our God dared give us to him.
"Deliver them!"
Offer and bleed,
make of sin an end,
bear it, cursed and slaughtered,
save by the cross.

He has done it!

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